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For a mortgage lender or broker just getting established, one of the most important things to think about from the beginning is how to approach personal branding.

Branding is part of a story that you tell customers from their first encounter with you. That might be your website, or it could be an advertisement, or it could be direct contact. 

That story will not only influence the impression you make on them, but also weave through their entire experience working with you.


Below are some tips that can help mortgage professionals to tell an engaging story that builds trust with borrowers through personal branding.



  1. Know what kinds of customers you want to focus on, and what kinds of products you want to specialize in.


This aspect of branding is one that applies not only to mortgage lenders, but to professionals in every field.

Before you can create a narrative that customers will find compelling, you need to know the mindset of the typical customer you want to reach.

You also need to understand their unique challenges, and what types of loan products will fit them best. You can then start branding around that narrative.

For example, you could brand yourself as a mortgage broker that helps self-employed people to purchase homes quickly with bank statement loans.

Or maybe you could brand yourself as an expert in ITIN home loans. 

Or you could brand yourself as a mortgage lender that focuses on first-time homebuyers with credit difficulties or down payment hurdles.



  1. Know what you are best at, and focus branding around it.


This is another personal branding rule that applies well beyond the mortgage world. Each of us has a special gift—something we excel at above and beyond. Brand around that gift.

For instance, maybe you have meticulous attention to detail, and are great at closing loopholes before they open. Or perhaps you are a patient and empathetic listener. Work these attributes into your branding messages.



  1. Make your participation in your local community part of your branding.


If you operate largely within one local area, you want to be thought of as the go-to person for mortgages in that area. So, incorporate your location into your branding where possible. If you participate in community service, that is one great way to do it.



  1. Share your story.


Stories offer a great way to build a connection with an audience. Your journey to where you are now professionally has been an exciting one—so share that with borrowers. Invite them to be a part of it as you help them to take the next step in their own journeys.



  1. Find ways to communicate your professional values through your personal values and interests.


One of the best steps for branding professionally is to remember to incorporate the personal. What puts the “you” in you, and how does it uniquely qualify you to help your customers?

For a great example, turn to San Diego mortgage lender Maureen Martin. Maureen is involved with animal rescue, and incorporates that into her branding.

As she explains in one of her promotional videos, “Everybody deserves the comfort of home, and if I can get a homeowner into a home or an animal into a safe place, I think that that would definitely be the legacy of my life.”

That connection between personal life and work sends a powerful message to borrowers, showcasing Maureen’s values and her commitment to better the lives of others.



  1. Be consistent.


Another recommendation for successful branding for your business is to not only include the right elements, but to do so consistently throughout your marketing materials and campaigns.

The more consistent your message is, the easier it will be for you to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

Not only that, but consistency itself is a positive quality in a business owner. Customers and prospective customers will take note of your consistency as indicative of your integrity.

Since you send a reliable message, they will feel like they can expect reliable service if they work with you. That is especially important in the mortgage industry, where the last thing customers want is surprises.



  1. Let your personality shine through in all that you do. 


Finally, one more recommendation for branding yourself as a mortgage professional is not to hide your personality. Use it to enhance your marketing materials and your communications with customers. 

Have a great sense of humor? Make a joke now and again. Are you a bit quirky? Use that to stand out from the crowd. 


Now you have some great starting recommendations for branding yourself in the mortgage business. Successful branding will help you build awareness of your services and forge a bond with prospective borrowers.